Low Phase Noise

  • Lowest phase noise in a direct fast synthesizer: -147 dBc @ 100 MHz offset with -68 dBc Spurs.
  • Best phase noise of Phase-Locked CRO: -125 dBc offset 100 KHz from 20 GHz signal.
  • Zero phase hits technology that provides continuous secure communications in severe environmental conditions (temperature, shock and vibration).

Fast Switching Synthesizer

  • FPGA based DDS with 100 nanoseconds, Ultra-Fast tuning speed, and 1 Hz phase-coherent step size employing 1 GSPS 14 bit DAC.
  • Direct analog/DDS fast tuning multi-octave (up to 0.3 to 40 GHz) with 250 nanoseconds switching speed.
  • Phase coherent switching permits multiple emitter simulation.
  • Small size ruggedized VCO based PLL synthesizers feature fast 5 to 50-microsecond tuning, very low phase noise.


  • 100 dBFS dynamic range RF/DSP optimized RF to reconstructed IF output (NF<14 dB, IIP3<10 and 16 bit 100 dBFS ADC)
  • Covers HF (0.01 to 30MHz), VHF/UHF (20 to 3000 MHz) and MW (0.5 to 40 GHz).
  • Fast tuning VCO based synthesizer provides very low jitter and best reciprocal mixing rejection for best interference and jamming suppression
  • Adaptive Noise Riding Squelch permits faster search and eliminating false detection of low signals.
  • Up to 80 MHz real-time BW for VHF/UHF operation.