Engineering is Our Passion

(Elcom) has a team of highly experienced engineers from multiple disciplines including MW and RF hardware design, digital design, embedded software, PCB design, ME design, schematic layout, and systems software including GUI. Our combined design experience exceeds one hundred man-years. Our primary focus is on bringing the design to reality. Their talents are very well versed in combining MIC, MMIC, Hybrid Thin, and Thick Film technologies all packaged in a single unit. With the aid of the latest CAD tools, simulation software, test equipment and most importantly, engineering initiative, (Elcom) has accomplished numerous engineering projects beyond the reach of most of our competitors. Our ability to meet or exceed the most challenging customer requirements is the reason why we are the “go-to” company when defense and communication companies require exceptional designs for tough requirements.

The performance of any RF chain or RF subsystem is dependent on multiple design considerations of the many building blocks that are joined together at the module and system level. When customers require maximum RF performance in their application, (Elcom) is their partner of choice. Our engineering team reflects a critical mass of technical core competencies unmatched in the industry. They include:

comp board
  • PLL Algorithms and Topologies
  • High-Frequency Filter Design
  • Low Phase Noise Oscillators
  • Fast Switching Synthesizers
  • RF Digital Signal Processing
  • Compressed Form Factors
  • Reduced Footprints
  • Low Power Consumption
  • FPGA Design and Embedded Software
  • System-level software and GUI


With (Elcom’s) approach of “built-in quality”, each individual station has undergone an exceptional level of training on the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques, including ESD protection. In support of these core competencies, (Elcom) has invested in the infrastructure necessary to test, debug and produce solutions for our customers. This includes:

  • Agilent ADS and Genesys RF EDA
  • OrCAD PCB Design
  • Pro Engineer 3D CAD

  • AutoCAD
  • LPFK ProtoLaser 100 Laser System
  • HALT HASS Test Chamber

To facilitate tuning and testing, each station is equipped with Spectrum Analyzer 9 KHz to 26 GHz signal source, Scalar Analyzer, scope, temperature plates (hot and cold) and microwave power meter. Test stations are computer-controlled with application-specific software developed to make typical measurements. (Elcom) produces highly sophisticated microwave subsystems for major programs, some having production runs as long as 15+ years.

  • MMIC Dry Storage
  • RF & MW Module Assembly
  • LabView ATE
  • Testing Capability up to 40 GHZ
  • RF Cable Assembly
  • Hermetically Sealed Packaging
  • Wire Bond Testing
  • 100% Burn In
  • MICRON Geometries (GaAs)
  • Chip: Wire Hybrids
  • Thin Film Circuits


In our NJ location, we focus on R&D, prototyping, low rate production, and full-rate production is outsourced to benchmark subcontractors.