SATDC-1000 Ka Band

Elcom’s SATDC-1000 is a high dynamic range microwave downconverter covering 17.7 to 21.2 GHz with 10 Hz tuning resolution. The agile LO in this downconverter employs Elcom’s advanced frequency synthesizer architecture which combines a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) within a VCO-based PLL synthesizer. Fixed frequency LOs utilize Elcom’s SPDRO phase locked coaxial resonator oscillator technology. This combination delivers low phase noise, low spurious, and fast tuning speed. A programmable sweep frequency control feature facilitates setup of frequency sweeps.

There are two IF outputs: one centered at 700 MHz with a fixed bandwidth of 250 MHz, and one centered at 70 MHz with a fixed bandwidth of 40 MHz. Down conversion gain is controlled by programmable attenuators on both IF channels, which provide 30 dB control range in 0.25 dB steps. Non-inverting or inverting spectral conversion can be selected independently for the two IF outputs.

The SATDC-1000 is engineered to provide superior RF performance in terms of dynamic range, low phase noise, and fast tuning speed. Its RF performance, along with its wide range of system control features, makes the SATDC-1000 an excellent solution for a wide range of demanding microwave downconverter applications.

MARKETS: ELINT, SATCOM, Radar Warning Receivers (RWR)

SATDC 1000

Technical Data Sheet