VME Synthesizers

VMESG-2000 Synthesizer

The VMESG-2000 Frequency Synthesizer was designed to produce microwave
signals from 2 to 20 GHz with a high degree of frequency accuracy, spectral purity, frequency resolution and agility. These signals may be controlled in amplitude and can be pulse modulated. The VMESG synthesized source is based on indirect PLL technology optimized for fast tuning and low phase noise. Elcom’s VCO/PLL design approach realizes much faster switching speeds, superior microphonic performance, lower phase noise, and lower power consumption than traditional designs.

The product is designed to be installed in VME64x chassis/back plane that is compliant with ANSI/VITA1.1.and to operate in VME64x bus environment. These instruments are excellent choices for use in automated test systems to provide the primary test stimulus, or to provide a local oscillator (LO) signal.

FAST TUNING: 10 usec
APPLICATIONS: ATE, EW, SIGINT, ELINT, RADAR systems in which broadband coverage, low phase noise, fast switching speeds, and high reliability is of primary importance.


  • Broad Frequency Bandwidth: 2 to 20 GHz
  • 10 usec Tuning Speed
  • -150 dBc/Hz Phase Noise Floor
  • -60 dBc Close In Spurious
  • Low Phase Noise: -112 dBc/ Hz at 10 KHz Offset, at 20 GHz

Technical Data Sheet