Elcom signal generation and signal conversion products are deployed around the world in airborne, seaborne and rugged terrestrial environments. In flight synthesizer, converter and receiver installations serve UAV, rotary wing and fixed wing missions in the United States, and abroad. Elcom signal generation and signal conversion products are deployed in seaborne combat control centers, EW ATE and C³ISR systems by navies both domestic and foreign. Rugged terrestrial environments include all weather flight line EW ATE systems, arctic based SATCOM and ELINT ground stations as well as unmanned COMINT listening posts in deserts. Products vary in size from an IMA fitting in the palm of your hand to integrated rack mount subsystems. COTS, modified COTS and custom products are available.  We provide best in class component, board and rack mount solutions for Electronic Warfare functionality including :

  • Synthesizers – Ultra low phase noise, Ultra fast switching phase coherent and phase continuous switching to any number frequencies and resolution (and phase continuous), 1GHz LFM and Linear I/Q modulation.
  • RF Front Ends – Ultra low phase noise, 2-40GHz, High Dynamic Range, Ultra Wideband, Very large IBW – 1GHz, (2GHz)
  • Synthesized Up/Down Converters – EW/ECM sub microsecond switching speeds, Ultra low phase noise, 2-40GHz Ultra Wideband, Very large IBW – 1GHz
  • Receivers – Lowest SFDR for any commercially available ADCs