Electronic Warfare

Elcom’s VMESG-2000 and VPXTR-6501 synthesizers are the perfect choice for Electronic Attack (EA), Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), Electronic Counter Counter Measures (ECCM) systems which require fast switching, phase coherent and phase continuous signal generation like the US Navy’s AN/ALQ-248 system. Elcom’s synthesizers are an important integral part of the NAVY SEWIP Block 3 Upgrade program.

Elcom’s VPXTR-6501 is an important component of the Active Offboard Electronic Warfare (AOEW) Active Mission Payload (AMP). AOEW is a self-contained EW pod hosted by an MH-60R or MH-60S Seahawk helicopter, which provides the Navy advanced ASM detection and response capabilities. AOEW allows the Navy to not only see incoming threats, but to respond to them.

Combat Electromagnetic Environment Simulator (CEESIM)

Elcom’s UFS product line is perfect for the most demanding electromagnetic environment simulators. The Elcom UFS product line stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, offering an array of features designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern signal simulation and synthesis. Boasting an Ultra-Fast Coherent Switching Speed of 250 nsec across the full band from 500 MHz to 40GHz in 1 Hz resolution, this product line sets a new standard in agility.

Preparing the F-35, the U.S. Navy’s most advanced fighter, for missions in today’s complex electromagnetic spectrum environment requires an equally advanced test environment. Elcom’s UFS is a key part of the multispectral testing solution that recreates the most accurate mission-like conditions in the laboratory and on the range. At the center of the environment is the UFS Advanced Pulse Generation high speed direct digital synthesizer technology is used to generate realistic electronic warfare mission scenarios.

Deployed Built in Test & System Calibration

FEI-Elcom Tech is the leader in developing solutions that provide the lowest phase noise and fastest switching speed in the RF and microwave synthesizer industry. Our technology has been widely adopted by tier one aerospace and defense companies for applications in airborne and seaborne environments. These include ECM (Electronic Counter Measure), ESM (Electronic Support Measure), (SAR) Synthetic Aperture Radar, and communications with airborne or earth-based command and control. Our innovative products routinely outperform the competition on a wide range of platforms including airborne fighter, cargo aircraft, rotary wing aircraft, UAV, and maritime naval applications.

FEI-Elcom Tech’s miniature SPDRO sources employ a unique technique to phase-lock a microwave DRO to a 10 MHz crystal reference. The technique utilizes a single loop for reliable phase-lock performance. By  using one loop, size, power consumption and cost are minimized. These units are ideal for digital Radio,  SATCOM and instrumentation.

Advanced Electromagnetic Spectrum Monitoring

FEI has proposed an Integrated Off-the-Shelf system for Advanced Electromagnetic Spectrum Monitoring systems for various customers. The spectrum monitoring system has extremely wide bandwidth and high dynamic range to detect modern wideband, frequency hopping, and agile RF signals.  

At the heart of our AESM solution is the FEI-ElcomTech Inc. SIR4009 RF Front End. Our solution leverages multiple COTs products including Keysight’s Pathwave Vector Signal Analysis software. The system mitigates gaps for range flight testing of electronic warfare systems requiring independent monitoring of the system under test’s radio frequency (RF) emissions.  


Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) receiver systems represent critical components in the field of intelligence gathering and electronic warfare. SIGINT receivers intercept and analyze communication signals, providing invaluable information on the intentions and activities of adversaries. ELINT receivers focus on capturing and understanding electronic signals emanating from radar systems, helping to identify and characterize radar systems and associated threats. These receiver systems play a pivotal role in modern military and intelligence operations, offering the capability to collect, process, and interpret a broad spectrum of electronic signals to support decision-making, threat assessment, and strategic planning. Their advanced technologies enable intelligence professionals to stay ahead in an ever-evolving electronic landscape, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential threats and opportunities.

The SIR-4000 Microwave Receiver series is offered in three ranges of frequency coverage: 0.5 to 18 GHz, 0.5 to 26.5 GHz, and 0.5 to 40 GHz. All models have a tuning resolution of 10 Hz. The SIR-4000 receiver is designed to perform for today’s most demanding microwave signal monitoring applications. With its advanced RF/analog architecture, the SIR 4000 delivers high dynamic range and low spurious.