Commercial Modules


This family of efficient, low phase noise compact modular frequency synthesizers achieves small frequency step size through a fractional-N synthesis configuration designed for low phase noise and low-spurious outputs. A microcontroller handles digital IO and communicates with and optimizes the fractional-N PLL for the current set frequency. GaAs and SiGe MMIC devices provide for efficient RF and microwave signal processing. The low overall power consumption realized with this architecture results in reduced operating temperature and higher reliability, and it allows use of a smaller DC power supply. These synthesizers provide substantial performance margin for the phase noise requirements of IESS-308, Eutelsat, and MIL-STD-188 for fixed and mobile SATCOM ground stations. The MFS frequency synthesizer product family has over five-thousand units in field operation and is proven for high reliability under a wide range of operational conditions.

APPLICATIONS: LO for Fixed and Mobile SATCOM Converters, Instumentation