SIR-3200 VHF/UHF Series

The SIR-3200 VHF/UHF Receiver is designed for wideband applications from 20 MHz to 3000 MHz with multiple selectable digital IF bandwidths from 6 KHz up to 40 MHz, and fixed analog IF bandwidth outputs. This unique receiver has a spectral display, NRT and optional VOIP.

MARKETS: Spectral Monitoring


  • High Dynamic Range Allows the End User to Reject High Powered Adjacent Channel Signals Improving Signal Of Interest Selectivity
  • Fast Tuning, “Real Time Stare” Bandwidth Up to 40 MHz Helps Identify Shore or Burst Transmissions Such as Those Used as RF
  • Triggers in Remote Detonations and Operational Signaling
  • Improve Operational Flexibility While Reducing Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • FlxGen™ Architecture Supports Multiple VHF/UHF Legacy IF Bandwidths Through Re-configurable “On The Fly” Software
  • Modular Architecture Provides for Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Sweep and Scan Capability
  • Advanced Noise Riding Threshold (ANRT) for Improved Detection of Signals of Interest
  • Exceptional In & Out of Band IP3 for Improved Selectivity in Dense RF Environments
  • Ultra Low Colorization and Reciprocal Mixing
  • Optional 30 Narrowband Digital Receivers in any 40 MHz IFBW, Multiplexed to E1 Output*


  • Seamless Tuning From 20 to 3000 MHz
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range
  • Low Phase Noise RF Chain, Less Than 0.5 Degree Integration
  • Less Than -110 dBm Internally Generated Spurious
  • IF Output (10.7 MHz, 21.4 MHz, 70 MHz), Up to 40 MHz Bandwidth (80 MHz optional*)
  • CW Chopping
SIR 3200

Technical Data Sheet