SIR-1000 HF Series

The SIR-1022 (or 1023) HF Receiver is designed for narrowband signal capture from 10 KHz to 30 MHz. With noise figure performance of 14 dB, maximum, multiple on-the-fly selectable digital IF bandwidths and a fixed 455 KHz IF output, the SIR-1022 is well suited to replace multiple legacy receivers with one universal solution. Add to this an input IP3 > 30 dBm, IP2 > 80 dBm and you have enhanced capability to improve signal detection even in the most sophisticated masking environments. Tuning speed as fast as 200 microseconds is available as an option, with 1 millisecond standard. Digitally enabled functions like IQ over Ethernet will make your systems integration task easier as the SIR-1000 eliminates the need for external IQ digitization.

MARKETS: Dynamic Spectral Management and Surveying, SIGINT,
Synthetic Instrumentation, Radio Monitoring of Broadcast Station
and IARU-monitoring, Jammer Location finding by Public Authorities,
Emission Compliancy Testing, Direction Finding (DF) Systems, EW,
Flight Line Testing


  • High Dynamic Range: Input IP3 >30 dB
  • DSP Based AM, FM PM, CW, ISB, USB, LSB Demodulation
  • Digital I/Q Outputs over Ethernet
  • Fast Switching Synthesizer with 1 Hz Tuning Resolution
  • Excellent Phase Noise Performance
  • 10 bands HF Switched Sub-Octave Bandpass Filter Preselector
  • Manual and Automatic Gain Control with Adjustable Threshold, Dump
  • 455 KHz IF BW 150 Hz to 9.6 KHz
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, RS 232
  • 1U 19” Rack Standard*
  • Spectral Display via Ethernet
  • AFC and Squelch
  • +/- 3 KHz BFO


  • Synthetic Instrumentation
  • Radio Monitoring of Broadcast Station and IARU-monitoring
  • Emission Compliancy Testing
  • Direction Finding (DF) SystemsTelecommunication

Technical Data Sheet