SIDC-5000 Series VHF/UHF

The SIDC-5000 is a high dynamic range, fast tuning VHF/UHF tuner-down converter covering the 20 MHz to 3000 MHz input frequency range with 10 Hz tuning step size. A four band switched filter preselector allows fast tuning and provides high rejection of out-of-band signals. The standard IF output center frequency is 21.4 MHz with 10 MHz IF bandwidth. Optional IF center frequency/IF bandwidth configurations offered are of 10.7 MHz/5 MHz, 20 MHz/10 MHz, 40 MHz/20 MHz and 70 MHz/40 MHz. The RF to IF gain can be adjusted over a 30 dB range with 1 dB step size.

Utilizing Elcom’s advanced frequency synthesizer architecture which incorporates a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) within a VCO based PLL frequency synthesizer, the tunable LO of the SIDC-5000 features low phase noise with fast tuning speed, low spurious, and small tuning step size. The VHF/UHF tuner-down converter can be controlled remotely through the Ethernet interface, or manually through front the font panel keypad and control knob. The SIDC-5000 is ideal for those demanding VHF/UHF tuner-down-converter applications requiring ultra wide dynamic range and fast tuning speed.

APPLICATIONS: COMINT, Synthetic Instrumentation, Radio Monitoring of Broadcast Stations and IARU-monitoring, Emission Compliancy Testing, Direction Finding (DF) Systems, SATCOM, Radar Warning Receivers (RWR)


  • Seamless Tuning From 20 to 3000 MHz
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range – 20 dBm Out of Band, 10 dBm In Band IP3,
  • 14 dB Noise Figure Typical
  • Fast Tuning Synthesizer Provides Fast Tuning (Contact Factory, ITAR Restricted)
  • Low Phase Noise Synthesizer, Less Than 0.5° RMS Integrated Phase Noise
  • Less Than -110 dBm Internally Generated Spurious
  • 10.7 MHz, 30 MHz, 70 MHz, 140 MHz or 160 MHz IF Output
SIDC 5000

Technical Data Sheets



  • High Dynamic Range Enables the End User to Reject Blocking Signals Often Undetected by Less Sensitive Tuners
  • High Dynamic Range Allows the End User to Reject High Powered Adjacent Channel Signals Improving Signal Of Interest Selectivity
  • Fast Tuning, Bandwidth Up to 40 MHz Helps Identify Short or Burst Transmissions Such as Those Used as RF Triggers in Remote
  • Detonations and Operational Signaling
  • Improve Operational Flexibility While Reducing Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Modular Architecture Provides for Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Sweep and Scan Capability