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Elcom’s SATDC-3000 is a high dynamic range, triple conversion  downconverter ranging from 3 to 9 GHz with 1 kHz tuning resolution meeting IESS 308/309 SATCOM Standard. The architecture is based on an agile LO utilizing Elcom’s advanced frequency synthesizer technology with excellent phase noise performance exceeding IESS specification by 6 dB. A non-inverting frequency plan is utilized.

The IF output is centered at 70MHz with a fixed bandwidth of +/- 20MHz. Down conversion gain is controlled by programmable attenuators which provide 50 dB control range in 0.25 dB steps. Non-inverting spectral conversion.

The SATDC-3000 is engineered to provide superior RF performance in terms of dynamic range, low phase noise, and fast tuning speed. Its RF performance, along with its wide range of system control features, makes the SATDC-3000 an excellent solution for a wide range of demanding downconverter applications.




  • Meets IESS 308/309 SATCOM Standard
  • Phase Noise Exceeds IESS specification by 6 dB
  • Non-Inverting Frequency Plan
  • 50 dB Attenuation Range
  • High Dynamic Range
  • External 10 MHz Reference Input
  • Fast Switching Synthesizer with 1 kHz Tuning Resolution
  • Excellent Phase Noise Performance: < 0.5° RMS
  • 70 MHz IF Output
  • Advanced Front Panel Alphanumeric Display
  • Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T, RS232, RS422/RS485
  • 1 U, 19” Rack Mount

SATDC-3000 Multiband

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